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Andre Sebastiaan Joins Nicholson

We are proud to announce our new Lead Guitarist Andre to the fold.

Andre comes with over 30 years of experience and extensive music Know how 

From Andre .  an introduction

" a guitar player. It runs in the family, so I grew up with the guitar. Played many bands with full dedication for the guitar and music .. I also do vocals, but not lead ... Lived and played in Holland, Germany, Spain and now in the U.K. For more than 30 years I made a modest living by playing the guitar … last 16 years in Spain have been fruitful … I wrote my songs, played the other’s, made the records, played the small venues, important stages, the football stadium, been on the radio and tele and it’s been great fun ! and still is …. I am not guitar hero … I think of the guitar as a part of the music or a song. It has to be functional … it's the song that matters. For me, two outstanding guitarists outbalancing each other are Steve Vay and Dave Gilmour .,.. I think I am a sort of Dave. Melodic and the art of playing less, although in good rocky gigs I love to noise-around as well .. My working gear : A small Home Studio ( man’s cave ) Gibson Les Paul Traditional L.E. , Fender Telecaster de Luxe, Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, Fender Vintera Jaguar, Squier Precision Bass, Martin DM acoustic , Seagull electr./acoustic, 2 Blackstar combos, the Boss GT 100 pedal ( for a full stereo setup ) and a Jurassic Volvo Estate which gets me everywhere …"


Farewell to Steven Scaife

A great amount of thanks goes to Steve who has dedicated 4 years of his life to Nicholson. It has been a great experience working with him and we wish him all the best in ventures new  with Wounded Spirit. Cheers pal!!

Finding My Way

Our latest Single Finding my way is all about finding your way in life with all its ups and downs that life present we hope you enjoy it..